A Little About Us

Mike Shainline and Roberta Holbrook began playing music together in February of 2017. Before that Mike had been writing songs and playing guitar for many years in relative obscurity while working in education and health services research. Roberta followed her dream early and spent 20 years on the road earning a living singing and playing keyboards in clubs and resorts before returning to school and embarking on a whole new career as a CPA. She is pleased once again to be focusing on playing music. Mike and Roberta now perform covers and original songs together around the greater Denver area as BrookLine Beat.

Mike was a 2015 Semi-Finalist in the “Song Of The Year” Contest for his entry “Stay With Me Until My Memory Fails (aka “How Can I Think Of Anything”).”

In 2016 he was designated an alternate for the Original Song Showcase in the category of “Songs For A Better World” at the Walnut Valley Music Festival for his song, “I Dreamed Terry Gross Came To Interview Me.” He was selected to perform this song when the winner in this category was unable to appear.